At Sage Canines, we welcome dogs of all breeds and behaviors, with one goal in mind. We want your dog to be a well behaved and easy to live with, member of your family.  

Are you tired of living with a dog who: 

  • Barks and lunges on leash
  • Is anxious in new places
  • Jumps on guests
  • Is fearful around new people
  • Experiences seperation anxiety
  • Is aggressive with dogs or people

Or just doesn't listen to anything you say?

Sage Canines can help transform your dog into: 

  • A well-mannered dog that walks by your side
  • A confident dog that you can take everywhere 
  • A dog who can play well with others
  • A dog who feels safe and secure being home alone
  • A dog who meets all of your training needs

Sage Canines trainers have years of experience working with a variety of dogs with complex behavior problems and helping owners achieve lasting results. 

Michelle, owner and lead trainer of Sage Canines, has been hired by rescues from California, Oregon and Washington state to rehabilitate dogs in need. In addition, Michelle has worked with TDC, a prestigious trainers academy, as a guest instructor.

Are you ready to learn how we can help you achieve your goals? Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation.

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